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John Smith

The world of marketing has changed dramatically, and yet, the principles behind it have remained unchanged. The goal of marketing has always been to target specific audiences, to inform them about your product or services offered, and to draw a perspective client base to your front door, or in the electronic world, to your website. The largest portion of marketing information is distributed electronically, rather than by foot to the pavement.

Mailing information used to be sent to mailing lists that you purchased, with little success. Now done by e-mail, the target audiences receive information directly to their e-mail boxes. However, mass email marketing campaigns that are sent out without a specific target in mind, is considered to be SPAM. There are filters that can stop them from ever being read. Brick and mortar businesses used to rely on location, location, location. Today it is similar with the exception that now the location is on the internet, and you have to market your website in a way that will generate traffic. The success of your business depends on multiple Marketing Strategies.

The world of Internet Marketing is a constantly evolving, it is a living form of advertising that needs to be monitored and evaluated frequently. At one time, a web designer could create your web page, add a few key words or phrases, and the traffic would come to your internet door. Savvy business owners and their marketing team, need to stay on top of the ever changing world of Digital Marketing. If you are new to the world of internet advertising, or have years of experience, you know the importance of Online Marketing Courses.

There are courses starting with basic on-line marketing skills, to the changing and complex Network Marketing strategies that are constantly moving forward. On-line classes can keep you ahead of the marketing curve. You can bake a cake with a box mix for average results, or learn something as complicated as a 14 layer torte wedding cake. The same is true with your on-line marketing strategies. The level of success you achieve, depends on your understanding of internet marketing strategies. Today’s simple “box mix” will only go so far. It is vital to continue educating yourself from the basics to the complexities of advertising on the internet. The more you know and understand, the better your advertising results.

With one or more computers in most of the homes in America, and internet access available on most cell phones, consumers expect every business they interact with to have a website, an internet presence. Gone are the days of letting your fingers travel through a phone book to find a business. When you want information, it is as easy as pulling your phone out of your pocket and doing a search. The words you enter into that search, will direct you to several available sites. Once there, the website either holds your interest, or you go back to the list of options. Good web design and key words that direct traffic to your door, do not happen accidentally, they are created and maintained with intention.

Another form of marketing that directs patrons to your site are affiliate marketing techniques that are performance driven. When an ad pops up or a banner runs across the website you are looking at, that is affiliate marketing. Each time a consumer clicks on one of those ads, a revenue known as pay-per-click is generated to the host of that site. Social networking is the new “word of mouth” advertising. When people spread the word about your product or service, it is considered by their friends and acquaintances to be trust-worthy and reliable. Because they know the person passing the information onto them, it is a trust driven method. There are several different forms of social media, and each one can serve a different marketing strategy or purpose. Affiliate and social media marketing, are two forms of on-line advertising. The latest phenomenon is video marketing which is rapidly taking over as number one.

When you own a business, your success depends on your customers finding you and telling others. You should not leave your marketing to chance, because chances are you will not be noticed. Stay informed and market your on-line presence with intention and purpose.


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