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About Us

At Internet Marketing Tips Online we understand the frustrations and desperation that can often affect anyone trying to build an online business. We have all been there ourselves.

I myself spent several years and many thousands of dollars trying in vain to make something work. I would keep getting tempted with the latest and greatest product that arrived in my mailbox from the myriad of email lists I ended up on. Sound familiar?

Most successful internet marketers have been through the same thing. Some though realise early on that they need to focus and get good help, usually by getting coached or mentored by someone who is already successful.

We will try to help by supplying some good advice and tips to make a success of your business, and some useful free products to get started. Anyone signing up for our newsletter will soon get access to a free membership area where we will post some products and video training to help anyone new make a start.

We will also recommend good paid products from time to time but only ones we have analysed carefully or use ourselves.

We will be adding some videos to the main website soon so keep an eye out for new pages.

We are on social media too, just click on the icons at the top of the page.

I also have a site dedicated to SEO which is a vital part of Internet Marketing, especially if you’re after free traffic. You can check this site out here.

Finally if you already have a website with traffic and leads and are looking to improve conversions or sales, you might be interested in improving your authority in your field or market. This page will show you how to get a citation in the major US media which you can then display on your site or Linkedin profile. It’s a way of improving your online brand image which is a vital part of SEO these days.

John Smith


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