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Sales and marketing have evolved considerably since the advent of World Wide Web. Other than physically selling your products, or liaising with agents who could fail to remit the expected returns, you can place your product online. People create websites with valuable and appealing content that attracts millions of readers. Therefore, advertising or selling your product on such websites get a lot of publicity and increases chances of getting more customers. It is done through affiliate marketing.

So, What Is Affiliate Marketing? It is essentially a mutual relationship between the advertiser, publisher and consumer. An advertiser pays other parties to promote and sell a product. It could be a merchandise company trading in clothing, airline ticketing and electronics, or insurance company selling its policies. A publisher is an individual or a company  that does the promotion of an advertiser’s product or service at an agreed commission. Creative contents like banners, text ads or even cell phone numbers are provided by the advertiser and the publisher just incorporates them into the website. The final party, a consumer, is the end user who complements the affiliate marketing chain.

There are numerous types Top affiliate programs that are currently being used in affiliate marketing. Some of them are:

  • Travel Payouts: It connects travelers to hotels and airlines
  • Dating Factory: it promotes existing dating sites
  • Infinity Downline: It is an online pyramid scheme
  • WP engine: it hosts WordPress sites for free
  • Inbox Blueprints: it offers a friendly email marketing course
  • Spin ReWriter: it promotes high ticketing programs
  • Ashley Madison: it is an online marketing site specifically dedicated to married people
  • Pure Point Golf: It promotes and sells products such as electronics
  • My Online Business Empire (MOBE): Training and support for anyone trying to build an online business. High ticket commissions available in addition to the range of traffic, email and marketing training.

If you are involved in affiliate marketing as a publisher, it is important that you choose the right product to promote. Make sure that the product you are promoting is of high quality. The advertiser should make it clear how much commission will be paid and at what time lines. As a consumer, you should know the relevance and value of the product that you are buying. Caution should be taken not to incur future expenses on the product that you are purchasing, and check if the goods that you are buying are refundable.

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