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Exactly what is email marketing? Before you proceed to use this form of communication, you need to understand what this type of marketing actually is. Email marketing is more than just alerting consumers to specials you are running or other advertisements. Any email sent to potential or current customers encouraging them to buy falls under this category. The same is true of emails intended to encourage loyalty to your company or to improve your relationships with your clients. Email marketing also includes emails sent by partners which contain an advertisement or marketing message for your company.

You must be very careful when it comes to email marketing because, if you continuously send messages that are of no benefit to the customer, they may opt out of communications completely or find another company to deal with all together. Here are Email Marketing Best Practices to keep in mind with every communication you send out. If you follow these, you’ll find your customers are not only reading your emails, they are also spending their money with your company, rather than a competitor.

  1. Never send spam. You’ll get a reputation for doing so and turn current and potential customers off away.
  2. Use a powerful subject line, one that would encourage you to open the email and read it. Don’t make it too long or too broad. If you do, it will likely end up in the trash bin.
  3. Use short paragraphs, and share only pertinent information. You aren’t writing a letter to your great aunt Edna, so make sure the email has a point and get to it quickly.
  4. Make sure the reader can easily determine who sent the email. If they can’t, they won’t open it for fear of it being spam.
  5. Include a call to action so customers know what they should do with this email.

If your customers could say anything to you, they would tell you to quit wasting their time with emails that are of no benefit to them. Their time is precious and they don’t want to learn about something that was news last month. When it comes to any communication you send out for your business, you must stop before you hit the send button and ask if you would want to read the message. Do this with every communication. Customers will appreciate your doing so, and, as a result, your bottom line will benefit.

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