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Since the 1990s, marketers have taken advantage of the increase in Internet usage to reach consumers through non-traditional media channels. Digital Marketing encompasses much more than advertising through online banner ads, permission-based e-mail messages, and social media. As the modern consumer market shifts to using more integrated devices, such as smart phones, tablets, Internet radio and digital television, businesses have begun to employ interactive and personalized advertising techniques. The rise in online activity has also correlated with the increase in network marketing and online home business opportunities.

Digital marketing is a form of internet marketing that reaches consumers through instant messages, smart phone apps, text messages, online content and interactive television ads. As more people gravitate away from traditional cable service and use subscription services, television advertisements now invite the consumer to take immediate action. For instance, during an ad for a vacation destination, viewers have the choice to press a button on their remote that will send them brochure materials and exclusive discounts on area attractions. Digital marketing relies heavily on the active participation of customers and the gathering of customer preferences. Companies gather this data with the permission of the customer through online account creation and online community participation.

When customers initiate the action and request information from companies, they are participating in pull marketing. In push marketing, the companies initiate the action. An example of pull marketing is when an individual conducts a web search for a local gym and signs up for promotional e-mail and text messages. When someone signs up for an internet radio account and receives messages about local stores and services, this is an example of pull marketing. Both of these forms involve obtaining the permission of the customer, but in different ways. For instance, the individual who signs up for a free internet radio account acknowledges that he or she will receive these messages in exchange for the free version of the service.

Home businesses and multi-level marketing opportunities can use the Internet as a platform for reaching potential consumers. By creating a web page and social media presence, customers outside the individual’s immediate social circle can learn about the products and business opportunity. Similar to traditional businesses and national companies, a combination of push and pull strategies help diversify the ways individuals can expand their market reach.

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