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5 Tools For Facebook Marketing Success

If you’re looking to use Facebook to grow your business as a web based marketer or website owner, then you will really love the 5 Tools For Facebook Marketing Success that we’re going to share in here that you are able to use for both interacting with your target audience and creating posts, in addition to running ads on Facebook in order to connect with and have exposure with many times more people than you currently are.

We will be taking a look at several tools which include the Facebook PostPlanner, Power Editor, Insights and Shortstack.

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Starting with an extremely powerful tool, and that’s Facebook’s Power Editor.

The most powerful method to target your ideal target market is with Facebook adverts. Then you can have the adverts that show up in Facebook on both the sidebar as well as in the Newsfeed only appear for the people that you really want them to appear for, depending on just what their interests and likes are.

There is a free browser plug-in that’s created by Facebook that helps you produce adverts a lot more easily.

If you ever created one ad in Facebook, you understand it probably takes some time. You’ve got to decide on the photo, headline, description, who it appears for, as well as all kinds of additional different targeting options. Well, with Facebook’s Power Editor, you can simply click the Duplicate button to make an identical campaign that you make one or two changes to, and it’s going to save you a ton of time producing a bunch of different adverts.

If you have already got a Facebook page already, then Facebook’s Insights feature is going to tell you much more about your performance and about who is following and liking your page just after you’ve had at least 30 people like it.

To use this, go to your Facebook page and then look in the top right corner. There’s going to be a button called “Get Insights.”

Then, you’ll observe a page very similar to this, where you can see how different posts were received; how many people saw them, how many people responded to them, the number of likes you have, and you can even select the People button to see demographic information about who’s following you, what are their ages, what is their gender, where are they located. A lot of really useful information about just what you post and who follows you.

The third tool we’ll be trying out is called ShortStack.

The list of features in this one goes on and on and on. You want to check out their website and check it out yourself. But the best thing that they do is produce tabs for your Facebook page. These are so you can have custom made pages which people will visit when clicking on a Facebook advert or that they can find through your wall in order to observe an opt-in page or something unique and specific that they want you to see– an entire page, not just a post.

If you’ve found that social media and posts that you produce and the content you create is consuming a great deal of your time, you’re going to like PostPlanner.

Suppose we say that you wish to share some evergreen information from your Facebook page– for example, a motivational quotation each day. PostPlanner will give you the ability to upload a CSV or Excel file for bulk scheduling.

What this means is that you simply type each of the quotes into the spreadsheet, upload it in to PostPlanner, and after that bam, every single day, your Facebook page will create an automatic post for you so you can easily set it and forget it.

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And the last tool is one to use if you’re interested in retargeting the people who click your ads or come to your website, through Perfect Audience.

So here’s how it operates: for as little as $25, you can run adverts on Facebook that keep showing up over and over again on Facebook if someone has visited your website. So do you intend to spin advertisements that people see who don’t even click the ads or go to our website, or do you prefer to have people visiting and after that have your ads appear over and over for them?

Why would you want to do that? Well, for one, it saves you a considerable amount of money, and secondly, it will increase your conversions through the roof. Since what happens if a person needs to see your advert four or five times before they finally make a purchase decision, or they leave your website one day and then your ad returns them back the next, where they conclude their decision making process? Crucial, therefore you will get more sales using this tool.

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