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Creating A Simple Website With WordPress

In this video, you’ll discover ways to produce a simple WordPress website. WordPress is totally free software and has truly altered how many web sites are now made.

If you’re an online marketing professional or someone with a website or blog that you want to promote then WordPress is a huge help. In the past, in order to develop a website, you needed to find out ways to code, ways to program HTML, PHP, or whatever so as to get your website up on the web page.

Or, you had to employ a designer or programmer and potentially spend countless dollars or even more getting them to develop a template due to the fact that you needed to make a new design whenever you required a new website.

As you’ll see with WordPress, someone develops a site or a theme or a layout that you can make use of and customize. It ends up being more affordable for you as well as a lot easier.

A WordPress website can be a great solution because you can install it in 15 minutes. As soon as you have your domain name and hosting account, and these are connected, then you could simply log right into your hosting account and set up WordPress very quickly. And it’s free or extremely inexpensive to have a WordPress website.

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Developers will produce a range of attractive website styles, suggesting the layout, what goes where, even images, selecting fonts, etc. You just download and install those that apply for free and then upload it to your hosting. Or, for a great looking one, you can pay a someone a few dollars or up to one hundred dollars to get some truly good looking custom designs.

So a lot of these layouts are already made, you simply select the one that is best for you and install it without needing to have any type of programming knowledge of your own.

So there are three primary steps to conveniently create a website with WordPress. Step one is to pick the right theme. The next step is to install it. And the last step is to set up the theme that you wish to make use of.

Choosing the theme:

Here’s just what to look for among the various themes that you’re selecting from. The initial step is to have a stunning and specialist design– one that does not look like it was made by a person that is a teen or by a person utilizing an older software, yet something that truly captures your eye as well as looks crisp, tidy, as well as modern.

The second thing to look for is how useful it is. What does it cost, is it likely to do just what you require it to do. If you want to blog then you need to look for a blog site theme– implying a header at the top, a sidebar on the left or right side, and also columns in the inside for blogging that make the appearance look attractive and professional.

If your website is going to be set up as a squeeze page or you will have lead capture pages on your website, then you’ll need a them that is flexible enough for that and can act as a single page WordPress design. Basically your theme should be versatile enough to customize for what you need it for.

Can you alter it? What if you want that side bar to be larger? What happens if you intend to alter the font style? Suppose you intend to make use of some squeeze page design templates? It has to be flexible to allow those things, if that’s what you require.

Then there are the one-of-a-kind widgets and features that have each of them will have and you’ll need to select what you need from them. You’ll see a description with each theme of exactly what includes. Certain little additional things you could use like schedules, calendars, and so on.

You can find a good selection of themes inside WordPress’ own theme directory site. These are all free themes that other WordPress customers have actually created. Or you can find other sites with good selections.

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My favorite is This is where you could find some free or very economical themes that look extremely appealing. Several of them are very nicely designed and can do most of what you need for just 10, 20, 30 dollars each. Currently a few other up and also coming ones are Mojo-Themes. com as well as

The next step is to set up the WordPress software itself on your hosting account ready for installing your theme.

Fortunately, WordPress has produced a tutorial for you here , where you can follow the instructions to create a WordPress software installation in five mins.

If you find it too difficult go to and someone can do it for you there for $5. Just seawrch for ‘Wordpress installation’ and any number of offers will come up.

The last step is setting up and publishing the theme itself.

Now in order to do this, log in to the WordPress website that you installed. When you finished, it will offer you a URL to click on where you can visit, and you enter a username and password. In the left side bar you’ll see something called Appearance. Click that and it will show you any themes that you have already uploaded. So you can select from among several if you wish to alter the way your website looks. If you are doing this for the first time, click the upload button, pick the theme that you desire, and afterwards your website will start to look much more professional and closer to how you need it.

It may still need some adjustment. If that’s the situation, then employ a programmer from Fiverr, Odesk (now called Upwork), or making those final changes for you.

So with that said, your website is now up and also able to attract the visitors that you find as a result of the various marketing techniques you’re making use of to get people to your website. Which is the making-money game basically: Have a website that gets people to subscribe and makes sales, then do numerous lead generation activities to get people to the website in the first place.

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