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Social Media Marketing

Just like with many industries, internet marketing sees many trends. One that has become big is Social Media Marketing. This leads the uninitiated to have many questions about it. The first is often simple: What Is Social Media?

Social media is a type of website that encourages interaction between relatively small groups of people on a more personal level than what would be considered normal for a forum. These sites take many forms, and each one draws its own crowd and has its own distinct feel. Twitter is good for short bursts of thought and has a hard limit of 140 characters per tweet, while Facebook allows posts – known as status updates – to be as long as the user wants. Other sites, such as LinkedIn, are more focused on groups of professionals or other unique subgroups of wider society, while the Big Two are more friendly to the general population.

Tales about about Social Media Strategy going wrong. In most cases, the problem results from being too blatantly commercial. Nobody wants to sign up for, or “follow,” a Twitter account that is nothing but ads. This is, in part, because anything that gets tweeted by an account that is followed shows up on the user’s own main page. Too many tweets can easily bury the more-important ones, and when those tweets are ads, it’s especially annoying. Facebook can suffer from the same effects in the eyes of people who like to check their timelines rather than visiting the pages of specific people. That said, a good strategy will involve frequent updates – just not obsessively frequent.

Social Media Analytics used to lag behind the idea of using these sites for marketing purposes, but thanks to market demand, this aspect has been catching up. It’s now possible to track clicks and conversions from Facebook, Pinterest, and other popular sites without too much trouble. One thing that had been holding up progress was that all of these sites work differently from each other, and often vastly so. Therefore, some of the best analytics platforms take the tracking off of the sites themselves and put it onto a separate platform that is far less sensitive to the technological differences between social media sites.

One problem many business people find with social media marketing is that it can be a time sink. It’s entirely possible to spend all day talking to people on these sites! Fortunately, there are Social Media Tools that can take up some of this time-consuming work. Automatic posting systems will put out pre-written updates according to a schedule so that an account will look busy while the business owner is actually doing something else. Another way to handle this problem is to hire someone to deal with all of the social media accounts. This is the solution most often chosen by large companies. Having a live person on the other side of the screen allows larger firms to respond quickly to emerging problems, provide official answers to questions, and keep an eye on the overall tone of the feedback the company is getting.

With all of these different aspects and tools to think about, it’s no wonder that companies can find social media to be daunting. Fortunately, a good internet marketing company can make it much easier to traverse the forest of options and gain excellent results.

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