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Video Marketing

If you were given the choice between reading an article or watching a video, chances are you’d select the latter. As the world continues to rely on technology advancements to communicate, research, and even shop, it becomes imperative for small businesses to keep up. Becoming increasingly popular in the years to come is Video Marketing. Such marketing includes the ability to create a compelling video and place it on top social media platforms for improved search results, brand recognition, and customer interests.

Why Videos Instead of Text?

Yes, there are individuals who love to read, but the truth of the matter is in this high paced technological world of today, a video is a lot simpler to grasp. With the right Video Production techniques, businesses are able to create visual content that is interesting, unique, and high quality, that will draw the attention of potential consumers a lot faster than an image and a few paragraphs will. Videos can arouse feelings in potential customers that include trust in the brand, curiosity about the product or service, and confidence that the product or service will work for them.

Why Video Advertising is Important this Year

If you look at statistics on Viral Marketing efforts you’re going to be surprised. Statistics have shown that YouTube Marketing alone can improve businesses’ profit and customer base significantly. With more than a billion users visiting YouTube on the monthly basis, businesses stand to reach audiences, that their blogs or websites might not be able to accomplish. In fact, according to reports approximately 60% of US adults watch online videos.

Consumers Are Changing

As the new generation relies heavily on technology, the methods for attracting their attention has changed dramatically. While in times past having a strong content marketing strategy would increase visibility, it is becoming more and more apparent that ideal consumers are not as interested. Technology has greatly decreased the average consumer’s attention span. Creating a video however, allows businesses to bring more information to their customers in a shorter amount of time. Videos allow customers to listen to material on the go whether they’re on a smartphone or another type of mobile device.

Types of Successful Video Formats

While it is best to work with a video production team that can help you map out the best types of material to implement into your Viral Marketing strategy, having an idea of what types of videos work best is ideal. Some of the more popular video formats that generate the most engagement from users are testimonials, explainer videos, product demos, about us videos, instructional videos, interviews, animated videos, and even celebrity endorsement videos.

As you can see, video marketing is becoming an increasing trend amongst small businesses everywhere, and with good reason. While this in no way means that you should throw all of your content out, it does mean that you need to start implementing other marketing strategies that will ultimately appeal to your target audience. An effective video marketing strategy can most certainly take your business to a new level of success.

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