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Many believe social media marketing will be the way people communicate in the future, including businesses with their clients, yet don’t quite understand what social media is. What Is Social Media? Social media is a set of platforms and tools offered on the Internet. These tools and platforms make the sharing of information, photos, text, video, and audio easy for all, and businesses can benefit from this through the use of social media marketing, as this gives the business a means to share information with customers quickly and easily in a timely manner.

What distinguishes social media from other types of media? With this type of media, the company can interact with their target audience, both current and potential customers. Traditional advertising is a one way street, as the media presents information and the consumer has very little input. Social media has changed this completely, as the companies and consumers carry on a conversation. Many associate media with the sharing of news, yet it goes well beyond this with social media, and consumers find they benefit, as do the companies.

Businesses find social media benefits their company in a number of ways. Social media is in many ways similar to word of mouth advertising. When a person sees something that interests them, they may share it with family and friends, those they believe will be interested in these items. This may be a simple interaction, such as a client asking a question and the company responding, or it may be more involved. A company can make recommendations based on items purchased in the past, making use of social media analytics to do so.

Consumers benefit as they find out about new products and services quickly. They can provide feedback to the company about what the company does right and wrong and what they are looking for from the company. In addition, clients may receive special sales, those only open to social media friends.

Companies need to make sure they are taking full advantage of social media, as search engines now take social media into consideration when ranking a site. In addition, when someone posts on a social media site, links are built, and this plays a role in the site’s search engine ranking. If you find you are struggling to move up in the search engines, turn your attention to social media marketing, as you are likely to see great results.

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